Charlotte Watters


Charlotte Watters

I am a Visual Artist living and working in Ullapool, North West Scotland. Originally from here, I have returned to a place which continues to influence and inform my work. I studied Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 2005, and 2007 with an MAF.

I draw and paint with mixed media, making large and small scale work on paper and on wood. Observational drawing informs much of my practice and develops my understanding and visual awareness of form and structure. I draw and paint on location, producing finished pieces on site, and sometimes develop new pieces, paintings and sculptural wooden objects, from these drawings back in the studio.



The images here are of the "St. Vincent", a 1912 Zulu Class Herring Drifter. It is a boat I have been drawing and painting the restoration of since 2021. It was recently restored at the local Boat yard run by my husband Dan Johnson and his business partner, The Johnson and Loftus Boatbuilders. The Yard and its projects have become an important subject matter in my work over recent years. 


I am Influenced by many years of sailing trips and having grown up in this costal rural community, my Father is a Fisherman. I am drawn towards boats and the shapes and forms of the boat building and fishing industries. In 2012 Dan and I sailed a boat he build from our home  - south to Europe then Africa and the Cape Verdes and West to the Caribbean before returning home via the Azores.
(Here is a blog I wrote about this trip 'Starboard Locker' )
We have also sailed North to the Arctic on several trips- around Iceland, to Jan Mayen and have made 2 attempts to get to the East Coast of Greenland, as crew on different boats. 

The manmade forms of boats which have developed over time and place, have an intimately close intrinsic relationship to the environment in which they operate. The sea and wethers have shaped necessities in their design and form, time and use ware and alter them. 


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