Charlotte Watters
Side Deck

Side Deck


Mixed media on board with wood and paint relief collage
410 x 610 mm
This is an abstracted painting of the Wheelhouse and rigging on board the former Fishing boat the Harvest Lilly. This painting has relief sections of wood painted and incorporated into the image.
Wooden shadow box frame - matt grey. Frame face 25mm x 40mm deep

Side Deck  Image 2 Side Deck  Image 3 Side Deck  Image 4
St. Vincent from the bow, Undercover
£290.00 — Sold out
Re planking, under St Vincent at the Yard
'Fame' on her mooring
Sky and Sea
£260.00 — Sold out
Engine Below Decks , Harvest Lilly
St. Vincent Under Cover
£680.00 — Sold out
St. Vincent Deck Undercover, Two figures
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